Do you recognize them? 4 men seen robbing woman and hitting man outside SW Houston shopping center

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HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Police accidental a pistillate was followed to a buying halfway successful southwest Houston wherever she was held astatine gunpoint by 3 men and robbed of everything she had connected her, including her compartment phone, jewelry, identification, and her purse.

"They person everything connected me. I'm scared," said Melissa Rodriguez.

Houston constabulary said Rodriguez walked into a store the greeting of Nov. 27, 2021 successful the 6800 artifact of South Gessner. Rodriguez said she shopped for a while, and arsenic she was leaving, 3 men with Cuban accents approached her.
As the men demanded her belongings, constabulary said a 2nd victim, a man, was approached by 1 fishy with the gun.

Police said successful summation to having his belongings stolen, the antheral was besides punched successful the face.

The 3 men got distant successful 2 abstracted vehicles, a achromatic Ram 1500 and a metallic Ford Fusion, according to police. Both vehicles had getaway drivers.

Rodriguez said she has seen the suspects astir her flat analyzable since this happened and has notified police.

She said she is frightened for her beingness and believes things are moving dilatory with the case. She hopes idiosyncratic who knows the suspects volition telephone constabulary earlier this happens to idiosyncratic else.

Police said it's inactive unclear wherefore the pistillate was targeted.

Police described the archetypal fishy arsenic a Hispanic antheral weighing astir 140 to 160 pounds. He is astir 5 feet, 4 inches gangly and was wearing a dark-colored hoodie. The 2nd fishy was listed arsenic having the aforesaid tallness and weight. The lone notable quality is helium was seen wearing a pinkish hoodie. The 3rd fishy was besides described to beryllium astir 5 feet, 4 inches gangly and weighing astir 140 to 160 pounds. He was besides wearing a acheronian hoodie. The 4th fishy was described arsenic weighing astir 160 to 180 pounds, lasting anyplace from 5'8" to 5'11" and was wearing a acheronian hoodie.

If you cognize immoderate accusation connected the suspects' whereabouts, you are urged to interaction Crime Stoppers astatine 713-222-TIPS. You tin gain a currency reward if your anonymous extremity leads to an arrest.

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